1. The facilities of First Friends Church are dedicated to the glory of God and should be used accordingly.
  2. The First Friends Church Facility is only available for rent from 9:00am – 9:00pm on weeknights, and until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
  3. Rentals must be paid for in a timely manner. Rentals will not be secured on the facility schedule until paid for in full.
  4. Recurring rentals are welcome, but can only be booked for a maximum of three months in advance.
  5. Activities are restricted to the areas specified on the application for building use. Children must be under supervision at all times and are not permitted to roam throughout the building.  No unauthorized use or removal of furnishings is permitted.  Mistreatment or misuse of the facilities or any part thereof, will be corrected and paid for at the renter’s expense.
  6. When renting the Family Life Center Kitchen or Lower Kitchen, please do not use the church’s disposable items (paper plates, cups, plasticware, napkins, etc). Please provide your own as those are designated and inventoried for specific purposes.
  7. An additional fee of $700 will be charged if the fire suppressant device is activated in the kitchen.
  8. Games of chance involving money, such as Chinese auctions, 50/50 raffles, bingo, etc. are not permitted.
  9. “Sticky tac” and masking tape may be used to attach decorations. No use of tacks, nails, duct tape, staples or mechanical fasteners is permitted.
  10. Only authorized church personnel are permitted to adjust thermostats. Please inform the building attendant of any uncomfortable conditions.
  11. Dancing and music of a demoralizing nature are not permitted in any part of the facility. The Lead Pastor of  First Friends Church will have final approval of the music used for weddings and the church.
  12. This is a smoke free facility. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building or on church property.
  13. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on the grounds or in the building.
  14. With the approved rental of a kitchen, use of refrigerator, freezer, and ice machine are permitted as space is available. Any cooking equipment utilized (pots, pans, utensils, etc) must be fully cleaned and properly replaced. Countertops must be cleaned. Stove and/or oven must be cleaned if used. All leftover food, beverages, and paper products must be placed in trash containers or removed. Soiled linens must be placed in the laundry area.
  15. Any items and/or equipment brought into the facilities are done so at the sole responsibility of the user. The church and/or its agents will not be held liable or responsible for any damages to such items or equipment, but the user will be responsible to the church and/or its agents for any damages caused to the facilities by any such items or equipment.
  16. Only church approved sound technicians and instrumentalists will be permitted to use and control the church’s audio/video equipment or musical instruments. Approved persons will be at the discretion of the Lead Pastor, Worship Pastor, and/or Trustees of First Friends Church.
  17. The renter is responsible for all clean-up. All trash must be deposited in the containers provided.  Premises must be left in good condition as determined by building attendant.  Any damage or maintenance expenses will be invoiced to the renter.

In completing the rental form, you agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless First Friends Church of Salem, Ohio, their agents, servants and successors from all liability, claims, demands, damages or costs, for or arising out of rental or use during the period of occupancy at any or all areas or property of said First Friends Church.