In early 2018, the leadership of First Friends decided that it was time for one particular tradition to come to a close: the annual Kids Easter Egg Hunt on the Saturday before Easter. For 15 years, the event brought out kids of all ages for a few minutes of fun and a few handfuls of candy. We are grateful for all those who joined us from the community over those years, and especially thankful to all those from our church community who donated time, funding, and candy to make the event possible. But, after reflecting on the event, and asking if it’s still the best way for our church to serve and bless our community, we decided that we need to make changes. We believe we can offer something that better lines up with the vision of our church and allows us to get to know our neighbors better—and let them get to know us! As fun as it might be watching small children race around picking up eggs for a couple minutes, we believe we can offer an event that is a better overall experience for kids and parents. And, we’re already making plans to do just that! Be on the look-out at this time next year for an all-new Easter weekend event for kids at FFC!!!