On Sunday mornings prior to our celebration gathering, you are welcome to join any of our Adult Bible Fellowship groups meeting in the church building. Groups generally begin meeting at 9:30am and finish by 10:20am. Check out the group overviews below and get plugged into a time of study and fellowship on Sunday!

The Agape Class meets in the Multi-Purpose Room-West (across from the gym, closest to foyer). The class is led by Dick Huber and is an informal group! They have recently been studying the New Testament Epistles, but enjoy journeying through the whole of Scripture to learn and apply it to their lives as disciples of Christ. They would love to see any adult join them, young or old. Currently, the class demographic leans toward the empty-nester age group.  They are men and women of various marital statuses who trust in the promise that where two or more are gathered in His name, the Risen Christ is there!
This class, led by Mary Kay Rea meets in the parlor. Typically, the class learns through round-table discussion centered on a selected topic, book, or curriculum.  The topics the class studies usually parallel the current sermon series and in the past have included finances, spiritual formation, and witnessing. The class is made up of a wide demographic: young, old, male, female, single, married, divorced, etc.  ALL are sincerely welcome!
The Emmaus Class is made up of mostly 30-40 year-olds, and meets downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.  This diverse group of people, led by Mandy Fowler, enjoys sharing prayer requests with one another and then studying together in a very informal, open-ended, conversational style.
The Encouragers Class is made up of a wide variety of age groups (45-90 years old!): men and women, married and single. They meet on the main level, in the office wing, and are led by Fran French. During a normal time together, the Word of God is read, then discussed together. While studying in community, they use many outside resources to deepen and widen their understanding and application of His word. They also take time to pray for one other, families, friends, and the church at large. Their primary objective through fellowship, study, and prayer is to be an encouragement to those they come in contact with, hence the name of this ABF. They would love to have you come and be an Encourager with them!
The Good Samaritan Class meets together on the main level, in the chapel, and thrives together in conversations that are lively, deepening, and challenging. Their main topic of discussion is the Bible and its source of Truth for us in all areas of life. They take turns leading the class, and also enjoy learning from videos anchored in diverse topics. They would welcome anyone interested in studying the Word with them and discovering what it teaches us as well as how it can mold and sculpt us as individuals, couples, families, and friends.
The Philathea class is led by Harold Backer and meets in the Multi-Purpose Room-East (across from the gym, closest to kitchen). The group is of mixed ages, but most fall between the ages of 50 and 90 years old. They enjoy discussing scripture as well as listening to lessons. So, bring your Bible and join them in learning what the Lord has spoken through His people. They join to converse as a community about what the Bible says and how it applies to each of us. Their ultimate prayer is that Jesus and His Word would grow them and this body spiritually.
The theme of this class is based on Romans 12:2: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing, and perfect will.” This class is led by David Reynolds and meets on the main level, in the library. In this mixture of discussion and lecture, the class travels through the Bible verse by verse, but with an emphasis on the integrated whole of Scripture. They then take that understanding and apply it to our sanctification as well as our witness. The Reformers Class has a very enjoyable learning environment that many adult age groups can enter into! All are welcome!
This class is also known as the “Young Adult Class.” The class enjoys lecture-anchored lessons that break out into discussions. They have studied a variety topics including the Kingdom of God, justified war, pacifism, the Holy Spirit, and how to view the Bible through believing and unbelieving hearts to better witness to our family, neighbors, and the world. Currently, they are reading and studying the book of Acts through historical, cultural, and theological lenses to learn what the early church looked liked and functioned as in the first century A.D. Taking what we learn, they are applying it to how we, as the church body, should look like and function in the 21st century. The demographics of the group are 18 years old (and graduated from high school) and UP! The group consists of college students, young married couples, singles, and others! They would love to have another voice added to the group!