Where is Your Tent?

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As we continue through our series on Abram’s life, we get to Genesis 13:10 where Abram and Lot decide go in separate directions. Abram allows Lot to decide first where he wishes to pitch his tent. Pastor Pete dives into the consequences of these decisions and the conclusions we can arrive at. We are also challenged to consider where our tents are planted.

In this series, Called to Cross Over, we will be studying the life of Abraham. This imperfect patriarch was a person called to “cross over” in many ways. The word “Hebrew” is even linguistically tied to the idea of “crossing over” from one side to another. God’s dealing with mankind reaches a “crossing over” point in the events of Abraham’s life. As you listen to these sermons, consider how God is speaking to you and leading you and inviting you to “cross over” into a deeper relationship with him.