Whales, Wilderness, and Worship

Even after we’ve received the knowledge of God’s great love for us, and experienced the reconciliation with God given to us through the Cross, we still have a tendency to return to our “old ways” and the “old gods” we used to follow. Uncomfortable with navigating the unknown territory of freedom, we sometimes wander back into slavery. Rightly ordering our worship will help us prevent these critical mistakes.

About this Series:
What does it mean to live in a way that is Truly Free as a follower of Christ? The book of Galatians is one of the earliest biblical letters, written by the apostle Paul to a church that was struggling with how to best understand the grace they had received from Christ. Not only does Paul address what the grace of Christ does for individual people, he also deals with how that grace affects how Christians interact with one another. Through this series, we will be exploring how to live, in community with each other, as Truly Free people under the lordship of Christ.