Violence in the Vineyard

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In the sixth (and final) sermon of the Tell Me a Story series, we look at the Parable of the Tenants. Jesus uses this parable to teach the people shortly before the final events of his life play out. On the surface, the story is a scathing critique of the leaders of Israel during Jesus day, as well as a foreshadowing of the upcoming rejection and murder of Jesus. And, if we look deeper, we can see that the parable still has things to teach us about being God’s people in the world still today.

Current Sermon Series
Jesus often used stories when he spoke to groups and individuals. He sometimes used them to help illustrate his point, but he also used them at times to speak profound truths in almost cryptic ways. If he was preaching against the social structures and cultural norms, for example, using plain language could have been dangerous for Jesus. So he would often speak in confusing ways so that only some of his audience would be able to truly comprehend his meaning. In this series, Tell Me a Story, we will be studying six of the parables of Jesus found in Luke’s gospel account. And we will hear from six different preachers throughout the series. Stay tuned for this unique and exciting opportunity to have some guest preachers bring the Word of God to the faithful body of believers that is First Friends Church.