Restored and Returned

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Jesus, in this story, comes face-to-face with a set of circumstances so “unclean” any observant Jewish person in his day would have been running away as fast as possible. Yet, Jesus approaches a man who is being driven down, driven away, and driven apart. His identity as one created in the image of God is nearly lost, he has been ostracized by everyone in his community, and he is so tormented by so many demonic influences that he’s torn asunder inside. Can even this man receive a fresh start?

About this Series:
All of us need A Fresh Start from time to time. Sometimes we suffer the consequences of our own poor choices. Sometimes we suffer because of the choices others make. Sometimes we are the victims of chance, or fate, or unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes, life just gets dull, and our days seem like they are missing the joy and passion that make us feel truly alive. Join us as we look at a dozen “fresh starts” in Scripture, looking for the root problems, the needed interventions, and the paths forward.