Love Really Matters

We live in a world that seems, especially during the holiday season, highly interested in the concept of love. However, our world is also increasingly resistant to the idea of God. This sermon explores the connection between the love of God and the baby in the manger. If Jesus really is “from the beginning” and also took on flesh, then love is real and it really matters. Love existed before the foundation of the world, created the world, redeemed the world, and is still transforming the world.

Series Description: During the Advent season, we will use the series The Meaning in the Manger to help us push past some of the nostalgia of the manger scene we associate with Christmas. Often, that nostalgia, encouraged by much of the “cultural Christmas” that surrounds us, distances us from the truly important, miraculous, and scandalous themes of the Incarnation. So, join us as we prayerfully seek to move past the familiarity of the nativity scene in order to hear what the Spirit has to say as “God with us.”