Grace Gives New Life

One of the messages of the manger is that grace is available to us and that it can bring us new life. In Scripture, we are told (multiple times) that Jesus not only has life and gives life, but that He is life. His arrival in a manger brings that gift of life to us. Unlike many world religions, in Christianity, we are not presented with a wise sage who can direct us toward a system or process by which we can gain life. By receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord, we receive eternal life without having to be concerned by what “good enough” looks like.

Series Description: During the Advent season, we will use the series The Meaning in the Manger to help us push past some of the nostalgia of the manger scene we associate with Christmas. Often, that nostalgia, encouraged by much of the “cultural Christmas” that surrounds us, distances us from the truly important, miraculous, and scandalous themes of the Incarnation. So, join us as we prayerfully seek to move past the familiarity of the nativity scene in order to hear what the Spirit¬†has to say as “God with us.”¬†