Deep and Wide

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Immediately following the episode in Egypt in the narrative of Genesis, we find Abram and Sarai journeying back to Canaan. After arriving, Abram revisits a familiar site and then is plunged into another form of family tension, this time with his nephew Lot. Abram and Lot have both become very wealthy and cannot co-exist near one another due to their large flocks and herds. Abram initiates a conversation to resolve the dispute, and you might be surprised at the transformation that has taken place since his selfish, deceptive ways in Egypt.  

In this series, Called to Cross Over, we will be studying the life of Abraham. This imperfect patriarch was a person called to “cross over” in many ways. The word “Hebrew” is even linguistically tied to the idea of “crossing over” from one side to another. God’s dealing with mankind reaches a “crossing over” point in the events of Abraham’s life. As you listen to these sermons, consider how God is speaking to you and leading you and inviting you to “cross over” into a deeper relationship with him.