Changing Your Mind


This message focuses on the concept of Study as a spiritual practice. Studying, for many of us, has negative connotations in our memories. But, the idea of studying encourages us to Change Our Minds. This is not changing in the sense of being wishy-washy or ambivalent. When we study, we are re-forming our minds: making some parts stronger, sanding off some of the rough edges, and reorienting ourselves toward Christ.

Most Christians believe that our lives after conversion should be different. Most of us deeply desire for our lives to look, feel and be different. We want to grow in change in ways that are glorifying to God and helpful to the growth of the Kingdom of Jesus. In the sermon series Deeper Waters, we will be looking at the spiritual practices found in the classic Christian book Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. It is through these practices that we can become more deeply formed in the character of Christ through the power of the Spirit. God does not want us to spend our entire lives walking in the “shallow end” or splashing in the “kiddie pool.” He invites us into the Deeper Waters of knowing and experiencing him.