Bread and Water

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In this sermon, we will revisit an ancient story of one of the Jewish prophets of the Old Testament. Elijah, under God’s direction, pronounces judgment on the Northern Kingdom of Israel, then flees into seclusion. When he is divinely inspired to emerge, he ends up in the most unlikely place: in the presence of a pagan Gentile widow who is only one meal away from starvation. What kind of “fresh start” is God working in this situation?!?

About this Series:
All of us need A Fresh Start from time to time. Sometimes we suffer the consequences of our own poor choices. Sometimes we suffer because of the choices others make. Sometimes we are the victims of chance, or fate, or unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes, life just gets dull, and our days seem like they are missing the joy and passion that make us feel truly alive. Join us as we look at a dozen “fresh starts” in Scripture, looking for the root problems, the needed interventions, and the paths forward.