A Wretch Like Me

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In this opening message of the series, we will first look at the man who wrote the song (John Newton), exploring the historical, theological and life context within which the famous lyrics were written. Then, the focus moves to a well-known, but not as well understood, word from the first verse of Amazing Grace.  

In this series, Grace is Still Amazing, we will be¬†unpacking the verses of the old hymn, Amazing Grace, one at a time and studying the Scriptural ideas that led John Newton to pen that classic song. The verses of Amazing Grace have a lot to teach us about who God is, who we are, and what kind of lives we are called to live. The words of the song may be so familiar to us that we tend to “sing through” them without giving them much thought or allowing them to penetrate our minds, hearts and souls with the truth they carry. Listen in with us as we discover that, almost 200 years after the lyrics were written, God’s grace is indeed still amazing!